Ace of Each Suit 各スートのエース

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Tarot, the Aces of the Minor Arcana / Kether (The Crown);

Ace introduces the core nature of each suit, describing and reflecting the brightest and highest energies of its kind. It is the manifestation of the pureness of its own element, and the eternal spiritual perfection.

Ace is the gate between the Great Nothing and the world that is perceivable to the human consciousness.

The host of Ace – Kether- itself contains all the sources and various potential changes within, but its existence is just a “point’ and thus without a shape. Despite this limitation with intangible existence, it existence is free and beyond time. The pure intention of creation overflows as “Spark of God”.

小アルカナのエース / ケテル (王冠)





The Suit of Disks ディスク

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Disks: The elemental attribution is Earth, representing physical aspects of life.

Representing “down-to-earth” matters, the suit stands for material concerns, and the concrete requirements of working with endurance, growth, reliability and practicality. Accordingly it involves matters such as money and asset in order to maintain everyday comfortable life.

Being in a safe environment brings peace of mind which allows stable growth. At times it might feel boring and monotonous to repeat the same old everyday life. However working diligently leads to material richness.

As the earth was once considered to be flat, a disk is just the right symbol.





Daily Tarot Note of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia in 2014.

The Suit of Sword ソード

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Swords: The elemental attribution is Air, representing the intellectual aspect of life.

Air that freely move and easily changes directions symbolizes Intelligence such as thoughts, reasons and expressions of the mind.

Brilliant mind with the ability of comprehension, analysis and making decisions in a objective manner is a valuable asset, but without wisdom the power of intellect can turn destructive and be lost. Thus intellect can be a weapon for better or worse.

Such a quality of changing from defense to offense quickly makes the Sword an ultimate symbol of Air.





Daily Tarot Note of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia in 2014.

The Suit of Cups カップ

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Cups: The elemental attribution of Cup is Water, representing emotional aspects of life.

Just like the ability of water to flow and fill up spaces, the element of water represents richly flowing emotions and intuition, and what emotions nurture such as dreams and hopes. However as the Mother Ocean which fosters many lives, at times also goes ballistic, taking lives easily. Hence the ups and downs of emotions.

The sea, where the origin life was, covers the 80% of the earth. Whether it is coincidental or not, 80% of the human body also consists of water. It may not be a surprise that we are emotional creatures.

Cup is the symbol of Water as it is an important tool to drink water which sustains life.








Daily Tarot Note of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia in 2014.

The Suit of Wands ワンド

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Wands: The elemental attribution of Wand is Fire, representing the aspect of Will-power in life.

As the Sun gives off heat and light that living organisms need, fire is needed in vital situations of human life such as cooking, warming up, and chasing away darkness for protection.

Elements of fire symbolize will-power and spirit-fullness, representing flame-like desire and passionate intention, and the joy of achieving goals. Living honestly to one’s own desire implies pureness and genuineness, however such passion can turn egotistical and end up troubling all that are around, burning them all up.

The image of using a stick as a torch to maintain a flame makes Wand the symbol of Fire.





Daily Tarot Note of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia in 2014.

Qabalistic Tree of Life and Suit カバラの生命の木とスート

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In Qabalah the process of manifestation is composed of 4 stages. This concept is visually depicted by stacking four of the Tree of life as illustrated above. Starting from Atziluth/Archtypal World, the energy flows into the next level Briah/Creative World, then into Yetzira/Formative World, then finally settles at Assiah/Material World. These four hierarchies correspond to human existence; Atziluth to the world of spirit-fullness, Briah to emotions, Yetzira to intelligence, and Assiah to physical body and behavior. Accordingly in tarot, Atziluth/Archtypal World corresponds to the element of Fire thus Wand, Briah/Creative World to Water thus Cup, Yetzira/Formative World to Air thus Sword, and Assiah/Material World to Earth thus Disk. A practical illustration of this process is as follows; First one receives an inspiration to do a certain thing; then next clearer intention will form as an idea, which will lead to the third stage of planning and designing, then actualizing and materializing is the final forth stage. All and all, it means that Everything consists of Four types of energies and stages.

From the earliest days of the ancient times it has been believed that the world is composed of four elements: fire, water, wind, earth. These elements are not the same as the elements in contemporary chemistry. The Four Elements only conveys that there are four types energies that composes this world. Everything is influenced by each element in our lives. For example, take a book as an example; the book itself is concrete a substance and belongs to the Element of the Earth. But it contains the Element of Air if it offers any intellectual insight. The book may demonstrate the Element of Water if it brings out emotions. If the book somehow elicits inspiration, then the energy may be said to that of Fire.

Even though we live in this visible material world, it is important to be aware of invisible energy that permeates all the existence. All phenomenon contains all the Elements, and Qabalah teaches how to balance them. Becoming aware of the Elements relates to becoming aware of one’s own spirituality, and it naturally leads to learning Tarot in depth.






Qabalistic Tree of Life and Tarot カバラの生命の木とタロット

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Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation ספר יצירה) is the earliest extant book on Jewish esotericism, and is a fundamental literature for Qabalah. The book starts with the following passage:

“In thirty-two mysterious Paths of Wisdom did Jah, the Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of ages, the merciful and gracious God, the Exalted One, the Dweller in eternity, most high and holy–engrave his name.”

The Tree of life which graphically illustrates the Qabalistic idea of the creation of anything and everything consists of 10 Sephiroth. Ultimately these 10 energy centers are connected by 22 paths and becomes the complete image of the entire Tree. The “thirty two mysterious Paths of Wisdom” in Sefer Yetzirah refers to these 10 Sephirotht and 22 paths.

In Tarot, 10 Sephiroths are associated with 1 to 10 Minor Arcana respectively and each of the Major Arcana is assinged to the 22 path. This association between Qabalah and Tarot deepens the meanings and significance while facilitating systematical understanding of the cards.






Qabalistic Tree of Life カバラの生命の木

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The primary glyph of Qabalah is the Tree of Life which maps out the development of anything and everything. The Tree itself is simple, consisting of ten energy centers called Sephiroth. These energy centers do not reflect physical entities. Thus the Tree of Life is merely a postulated conceptual structure. The intention is that the image visually guides a seeker to follow a sequential energy flow of the dynamics of the universe and the cosmic principle objectively.

The Tree of Life illustrates the Qabalistic idea that everything started from Nothing. This Nothing is so great as in a sense of “Nothing created God”. It gave birth to All. This fundamental concept is shown in the Qabalistic manner by the statement “Nothing turns into One – pure yet abstract energy. Then by passing through the 10 stages illustrated in the Tree of life, the One gradually manifests the form of concrete existence.

The sequence of the Tree of Life goes like this: In the beginning the universe started with explosive energy from Nothing. This energy started flowing down 10 Sephiroth which are energetic relay-points in the manner of a flash of thunder in the order of “Kether/Crown” then into “Chokmah/Wisdom”,  followed by “Binar/Understanding,”   “Chesed/Mercy” “Geburah/Strength” “Tiphareth/Beauty” “Netzach/Victory” “Hod/Splendor” “Yesod/Foundation” then finally into “Malkuth/Kingdom”, actualizing material manifestation. This flow is the reflection that any form of concrete existence pass through the 10 stages as a gradual process of manifestation.

The fundamental truth behind The Tree of Life is that “Everything is One, while there is Great-Nothing as non-manifestation behind All”. The glyph of the Tree of Life expresses various perspectives, principles and processes for pure energy to manifest a form. Whether it is about the creation of the universe, the conception of life, or development of human psyche, the Qabalistic philosophy conveys that the developmental process of everything in this world takes the same structured mechanism.


宇宙は完全なる無から突如爆発的なエネルギーとなり、そのエネルギーは雷の閃光として頂点のセフィロト 「ケテル/王冠」から流れ出し、そこに端を発したエネルギーは「コクマ/知恵」「ビナー/理解」「ケセド/慈悲」「ゲブラー/峻厳」「ティファレト/美」「ネツァク/勝利」「ホド/栄光」「イェソド/基礎」「マルクト/王国」という順番で10のセフィロトという「無と物質世界の中継点」を通り物質現象を顕現させた。つまり物事は10段階を経ることによって徐々に具体的な存在の形をとることができる。生命の木は、「すべて」は「無」により創り出されたというカバラ思想を示し、すべての背景に非顕現としての「偉大なる無」があることを説く。


What is Qabalah カバラとは

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So we went through the initial journey of the Major Arcana. It does not mean the review of the Major Arcana is finished since each card contains so many meanings and significance that one short article will not cover everything. So we’ll come back to the Major Arcana again at some stage. But for now, let’s discuss a little bit about Qabalah.

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The Universe-1 宇宙 -1

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The end and completion of the Major Arcana. It is the zenith of development – the achieved goal. Unifying conflicts and contradictions and freeing oneself which implies satisfaction. Looking at the last half of the Major Arcana as a sequence of self-development and self-realization, The Universe is the crown and the end. Through Death rebirth ix experienced, Art starts the process of alchemical work, limitation is over come via The Devil, then destroy the inner prison at The Tower. Then we chase The Star, explore The Moon, find The Sun then experience the Rise of the Phoenix in the new Aeon. The we finally can touch The Universe.

大アルカナの終わりと完成。発展の天頂で 実現目標。衝突や矛盾を統合し自らを解放することができて満足感を得る。

大アルカナの後半を自己実現の方法として見ると、「宇宙のカード」は頂点であり終わりである。「死」をもって生まれ変わり、「技」によって錬金術的な統合を始め、「悪魔」にてあらゆる制限を克服し、「塔」で自身の内なる刑務所を破壊させる。 その後「星」を追い、「月」を探検し、「太陽」を見つけて「永劫」の時の中灰からのフェニックスの蘇りという一連の経験の後、 最後に「宇宙」に触れることができる。


“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.