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The art of alchemy requires the correct, perfectly balanced mixture, standing for harmony, beauty and peace. It is the ability to solve and combine, in order to turn something plain into something precious. The alchemist is aware that he continuously changes himself through experiences. Through increasing degrees of consciousness, the physical body and mind become refined in order to adapt to the universe and the totality.

(***Please be noted, for those who acquired the First Edition of Kashiopia Tarot, “X (=10)” is missing on the top of this card after the word Atu. In other words, this card is supposed to be [Atu 14] but it will say on yours [Atu 4]. If you don’t mind, please write in the letter X… Really sorry about this. It’s my typo mistake… You have no idea how embarrassed I am about this.)


(***カシオピアタロットの初版を取得した方はカード上部のAtuという単語の後に “X(= 10)”が描き忘れられているのでよろしければ白いペンでXを書き足してやってください。。。本当に申し訳ありません…)


“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


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