The Moon-2 月-2

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Meanings and Interpretation 


-Be prepared to be both frightened and inspired.

-Possibility of giving in to deceptions, dangerous emotional swings, and giving in to fears.

-What you are ignoring, or refusing to see, or deny will surface. Something needs to be done because without facing up to darkness we will never see the light.

-Taking the journey of the inward path activates creativity and occult knowledge.


-Passivity, impressionability, as well as the lack of will power and therefore bringing in all addictions.

-The greatest danger of being swallowed by the night and your own internal darkness.

-Being dangerously moody.

-Implying a serious danger. The journey into night could be too much when we’re not prepared and we might get lost in our own shadow.

Advice (should be referred to especially along with Shadow Side):

-Get out and tread carefully ahead if the situation is lukewarm.

-Create an expression for your inner life in the external world.

-Face your fear and deepest darkness, then overcome it in order become a whole. Make sure to return from such a dark journey.

-Even in the darkest night, there will always be the bright Sun coming up in the morning.




















“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


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The Moon-1 月-1

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The moon’s gentle light provides both illumination and shadows. Such light can cause things to seem either more attractive or more dangerous than they actually are. What is “real” can then be questionable. The implication of this is that one need to be aware of the difference between intuition and fear.

The Moon lead you into the blackest depths of the soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. Such a situation does not provide comfort. Even though people like the idea of mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant.



“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


Categories: 19 The Moon 月