Five of Wands-Strife-2 ワンドの5-闘争-2

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Meanings and Interpretation 


-Be prepared for combat, competition and strife. It is a good thing that different people bring different agendas and desires.

-While not all can be accommodated there is a need to understand and respect the competition.

-Good rivalry.

-The struggle is for the better.


-Destructive struggle.

-Spiritual crisis.

-A competition that is less than honorable or one that turns ugly.

-Exhausted with too much competition.

Advice (should be referred to especially along with Shadow Side):

-Be aware of inappropriate motivations such as seeking an unfair advantage or cheating.

-Compete with an eye to improve oneself and society, not to hurt or destroy others.

-Play by the rules.

-Need to be confident in what you are fighting for, and to conduct yourself with skill.




















“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


Five of Wands-Strife-1 ワンドの5-闘争-1

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Five stands for Geburah in the Tree of Life, implying motion, change and the aggressive power of destruction that breaks the stability and structure of the Four. First of all, Fire isn’t meant to settle and rest anyway. Thus it is more natural for the Fire to break out of the realm of the stability, which was a limited system anyway. This means that Five of Wands is about revolutionary movement, causing conflicts, disintegration and competition but only to achieve refreshing renewal.



“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.