Six of Swords-Science-2 ソードの6-科学-2

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Meanings and Interpretation 


-Proceeding on the right path.

-Even some contradicting opposites can be reconciled with each other, giving unity.

-Being able to deal with a problem that seemed be impossible to solve because of the ability to mediate and communicate, having new insight and understanding.

-A phase of optimal balance between emotion and mind.

-Holistic / networked thinking.


-Passively letting someone else make your decisions or tell you what to do. 

-Losing harmony in the wholeness.

-Going in the wrong direction.

-Being interested in gaining knowledge for the sake of knowledge = A geek

Advice (should be referred to especially along with Shadow Side):

-Accept others’ opinions of different stand point, then perception will widen allowing being able to further out.

-The current situation may not be your own fault, but being emotional does not solve anything



















“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


Six of Swords-Science-1 ソードの6-科学-1

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As in the Sephiroth Tiphareth of the Tree of life, Six expresses the harmony of love, mind and body.  As in science of any fields, deep thinking unfolds the nature of phenomenon. Six of Swords thus demonstrates its full potential of balancing spirit/desire for knowledge and nature via intelligence.  The otherwise restless Swords have the chance to combine the mind with the mental spirit from which it was born, to achieve a perfect harmony of it all. Thus the suit of Sword is fully established achieving the highest state of consciousness and intelligence the human brain can express. 

生命の木のセフィロト、ティファレトに在するが故に6は愛と思考と体の調和を表現する。あらゆる分野の科学において深い思考が様々な現象の性質を明らかにするように、ソードの6は知性によって精神的な知識欲と大自然の間にバランスがとれる事を表す。 そうでもなければ普段は不安定なソードは完璧な調和へと辿りつくためにソードのスートが生まれたスピリットと思考を組み合わせる機会を持つ。したがってティファレトにてソードは人間の脳が実現できる内での意識と知性の最高状態を確立している。

“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.