Nine of Swords-Cruelty-2 ソードの9-残酷-2

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Meanings and Interpretation 


-The circumstance is not about being hurt, but about crying about that hurt rather than doing something about it.

-Fear is the guide on the path to maturity, and a wake up call to put an end to a nightmare.

-Possibility of not being able to be aware of what causes all the suffering and sorrow.

-Having a mindset of accepting difficulties and pain.


-The possibility of full-blown insomnia or the use, and perhaps abuse, of sleep-inducing drugs.

-Caught up in thinking about pain, fears, worries, misery, hate and guilt… all the negative things in the realm of unenlightened.

-An extremely disturbed circumstance with a poisoned atmosphere, primarily existing through intentionally inflicting pain.


Advice (should be referred to especially along with Shadow Side):

-You can’t do anything if you don’t know truth, so gather objective information.

-Face your fear because avoidance makes the condition much worse.

-Only new perception and understanding can break through the vicious circle of negativity.

-Without finding the root cause, no solution will be discovered.




















“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


Nine of Swords-Cruelty-1 ソードの9-残酷-1

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The nineth sephiroth, Yesod is the sephiroth of self-reflection. Yesod is also the field of “Foundation”,  in which, the airy nature of the mind is not suited, causing restlessness and deception by fooling itself. Thus for Swords/Air/Intelligence, this is not a happy place. Once again, Swords reflect its own daunting quality that is brought by constant analysis and thinking, because in the end, over-analysis does not lead to anywhere. The mind has freedom of choice to create thoughts. Ironically it is just a cruel fact that such freedom is the cause of unenlightened state. The mind keeps wondering but there is after all no solid answer. However facing the discomfort is far better way of dealing with an issue than ignoring it.



“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.