How to forgive

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Forgiveness is not at all “giving in to those who caused you pain and suffering”. Far from that.
Forgiveness is to detach self from negative memories and emotions, and gain control over oneself.
If you think you are what someone caused you to be, you are then just holding on to an illusional self-identity, and giving control to someone else.
Forgiveness can be easily achieved through gratitude.
It might be difficult to find what you are grateful for in negative things, but it is the quickest path of forgiveness by finding something positive in the negative.
Since negativity latches on to your ego, your mind gets confused between who you really are and what someone else made you think. By having gratitude, it effectively creates adequate distance between the negative memories/emotions/ego, and your own self.
And this distance, is forgiveness.
If someone has caused you pain, it’s totally fine to detach your emotions from that individual. Forgiveness does not equal to needing to be friendly again. It neither means you need to forget.
All you need to achieve is to have distance, so that you can be balanced and stand on your own.

Accept Yourself

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The notion of “Accept Yourself” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ok to hold onto being negative or reactive. Identifying oneself with negative emotions, memories and reactions is just an illusion.
What is important is to recognize what is one’s “true-self” is. It is the soul being, the bright joyous self who does not get influenced by external negative factors.
So, the notion of “Accept Yourself” implies that one gives permission to oneself that s/he can be all positive and happy and content and loving.

Inner-Child and Higher-Self

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I had been wondering about something…


“Spiritual” is a wonderful notion. But there are so many people who uses “spiritual” as an escape route from reality, or ultimate salvation in order to turn blind eyes to one’s own issues. Surely humans are spiritual beings and we can appreciate spiritual experiences. However at times it is very important that we look into ourselves and see what our deeply rooted psychological issues are, and get some help for it.


And maybe because I had been contemplating on the matter, I have encountered many sources to resolve the conflict between spiritual pursuit and ignoring psychological issues.


The key is in dealing with Inner-Child, which are thought & emotional patterns that were created by rather negative experiences. Is is an aspect of you that didn’t have a chance to grow up as a method of defense mechanism. Basically, it’s a mental part of you that got stuck in the past.


Once one deals with resolving the issues that the Inner Child carries, then s/he will be ready to connect with Higher-Self, which is “true you” that you were born to express in this life. It is another name for the aspect of how you really wish to live this life. Often and not surprisingly this Higher-Self is associated with spirituality. And that is not a wrong perception. As said, we are all spiritual beings.


So, I feel that I have gotten an answer to the connection between the mind and spirituality, and surely these two factors influence our physical being too.


Call it “Inner Child” or “Past Trauma”.
Call it “connection with Higher-Self” or “finding life’s purpose”.
One can take a spiritual path or a psychological path of healing and self-development. Ultimately, all is fine as long as a balance between “past-self”, “present-self” and “true-self” is achieved. They are the same things with just different labels, or else, they are simply interconnected with each other.


If you would like help with resolving issues with the Inner Child, and/or to connect with Higher-Self, please contact Kazway Kashiopia for Life-Coaching and Healing.
WhatsApp: 078 563 9431 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
















You are NOT alone 独りじゃない

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In this world there is absolutely NOTHING that is ours.


The body – the physical matter – is created by parents and ultimately by the Earth:
Thus the Body does not define you.


The mind whether its personality or thoughts or talent or skills or feelings or memory etc etc… is the result of the physical or psychological environment:
Thus the Mind does not define you.


And the spirit is only a part of the energy of the Divine of the Universe, and not attached to personality/character or ego:
Thus the Spirit does not even define you.
You are only the representation of the Spirit for now.


We are made up of many bits and pieces that is given.
We are all borrowing *everything* from the Universe.
There is always someone or something that’s allowing us to be who we are and what we are.


Having such an awareness should let us be grateful and enjoy what we have, what is given, who is around, and what is present.
This, should let us be humble and content sincerely.


You are not alone.















What is love 愛って何

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Let’s think of admirable things in life.. like, beauty in the nature, like, the colours of the sunrise and sunset, the movements of fish swimming or birds flying, starry night sky etc etc. When something touches and moves our hearts, there is love. But nobody thinks of keeping or owning the nature’s beauty. That’s how love should be; Detachment.

The purpose of love isn’t to “acquire”, “possess” or “belong”.

Ultimately we are supposed to find fulfillment within ourselves. But it is so difficult (nearly impossible) to do it alone… so we may encounter someone who may reflect the idea of “the other half”. When we love someone, the love is supposed to be just a reminder of how our souls crave for unification and communion, a reminder of how it is supposed to feel within. If we understand love, there will be freedom and respect within a relationship and it will feed the positive chain reaction of love. I think.



究極的に魂はじぶんの内で充足感を見つけ出さなければいけないのだけれど、一人でそんなこと達成するのはほとんど不可能というぐらいに難しいから「もう一人の自分」という考えを反映してくれるかもしれない誰かに出会う。そうして誰かを愛する時、そんな愛は本来、単に内なる魂の統一がどんなものであるかを思い出させてくれるだけの手段。 相手をどうこうしようというのとは違う。そうして愛を理解することができれば付き合う相手との間に自由と敬意が満ちて、ポジティブな愛の連鎖反応をもたらす。。と思う。