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I had been wondering about something…


“Spiritual” is a wonderful notion. But there are so many people who uses “spiritual” as an escape route from reality, or ultimate salvation in order to turn blind eyes to one’s own issues. Surely humans are spiritual beings and we can appreciate spiritual experiences. However at times it is very important that we look into ourselves and see what our deeply rooted psychological issues are, and get some help for it.


And maybe because I had been contemplating on the matter, I have encountered many sources to resolve the conflict between spiritual pursuit and ignoring psychological issues.


The key is in dealing with Inner-Child, which are thought & emotional patterns that were created by rather negative experiences. Is is an aspect of you that didn’t have a chance to grow up as a method of defense mechanism. Basically, it’s a mental part of you that got stuck in the past.


Once one deals with resolving the issues that the Inner Child carries, then s/he will be ready to connect with Higher-Self, which is “true you” that you were born to express in this life. It is another name for the aspect of how you really wish to live this life. Often and not surprisingly this Higher-Self is associated with spirituality. And that is not a wrong perception. As said, we are all spiritual beings.


So, I feel that I have gotten an answer to the connection between the mind and spirituality, and surely these two factors influence our physical being too.


Call it “Inner Child” or “Past Trauma”.
Call it “connection with Higher-Self” or “finding life’s purpose”.
One can take a spiritual path or a psychological path of healing and self-development. Ultimately, all is fine as long as a balance between “past-self”, “present-self” and “true-self” is achieved. They are the same things with just different labels, or else, they are simply interconnected with each other.


If you would like help with resolving issues with the Inner Child, and/or to connect with Higher-Self, please contact Kazway Kashiopia for Life-Coaching and Healing.
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