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Meanings and Interpretation 


-He is the one working diligently without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mind-games or high flying ideas.

– Provider of life through guarding himself and whatever or whomever else needs protecting.

– Consistency, imperturbability, and sober assessments and right actions.

– What is important is to reach the end, not the speed.



-He is sometimes a little too cautious in his choices and a little too stingy, boring and ordinary.

– Being jealous of anyone that seems higher than himself, arousing over tidbits and butting in everything, yet cowardice and unwilling to change himself.

– Not fashionable, and lacking sensitivity.

– he can have difficulties to understand or relate to others, he can be self-centered and sullen, intolerant and unable to put any interest in anything outside his own deeds and doings.


Advice (should be referred to especially along with Shadow Side):

– Do not forget to take a pause for inspiration.

– Gaze the future with confidence, important to raise our eyes to the broader horizon.

– Be aware of resting on your routine, past glory, or traumatic experience.



















“Daily Tarot Note” of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, published by Kashiopia.


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