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The Princes are attributed to Yetzira of the Qabalistic World, as well as the region of the sixth Sephiroth and its surrounding on the Tree of Life. The above image provides a simplified visual understanding of the Prince’ whereabouts in the Qabalistic term. However the significance of the Court Cards are beyond such a visual image, because the true significance of the Court Cards is that they represent Elements in Elements. In other words, the 16 Court Cards demonstrate the concept of Elemental blending.

There are four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Thus there are accordingly four Princes which are the Air aspects of each element;

  • Prince of Wand, which is Air in Fire.
  • Prince of Cup, which is Air in Water.
  • Prince of Sword, which if Air in Air.
  • Prince of Disk, which is Air in Earth.

The Princes are the sons of the Knights and Queens. On the Tree of Life, all the Sephiroth from 4 to 9 are their children, while the 6 is the reflection of the most divine first Sephiroth, representing the perfectly balanced son with combined powers of the parents as they are the active manifestation of their parents’ union.




  • ワンドのプリンスは火の内の気を、
  • カップのプリンスは水の内の気を、
  • ソードのプリンスは気の内の気を、
  • ディスクのプリンスは地の内の気という具合だ。

プリンスはナイトとクイーンの息子である。 生命の木における4から9までのセフィロトの全てがナイトとクイーンの子であるが6こそが最も神聖なる最初のセフィロを直接反映し、ナイトとクイーン両者の力を完璧にバランスよく表現した存在である。

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