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In Qabalah the process of manifestation is composed of 4 stages. This concept is visually depicted by stacking four of the Tree of life as illustrated above. Starting from Atziluth/Archtypal World, the energy flows into the next level Briah/Creative World, then into Yetzira/Formative World, then finally settles at Assiah/Material World. These four hierarchies correspond to human existence; Atziluth to the world of spirit-fullness, Briah to emotions, Yetzira to intelligence, and Assiah to physical body and behavior. Accordingly in tarot, Atziluth/Archtypal World corresponds to the element of Fire thus Wand, Briah/Creative World to Water thus Cup, Yetzira/Formative World to Air thus Sword, and Assiah/Material World to Earth thus Disk. A practical illustration of this process is as follows; First one receives an inspiration to do a certain thing; then next clearer intention will form as an idea, which will lead to the third stage of planning and designing, then actualizing and materializing is the final forth stage. All and all, it means that Everything consists of Four types of energies and stages.

From the earliest days of the ancient times it has been believed that the world is composed of four elements: fire, water, wind, earth. These elements are not the same as the elements in contemporary chemistry. The Four Elements only conveys that there are four types energies that composes this world. Everything is influenced by each element in our lives. For example, take a book as an example; the book itself is concrete a substance and belongs to the Element of the Earth. But it contains the Element of Air if it offers any intellectual insight. The book may demonstrate the Element of Water if it brings out emotions. If the book somehow elicits inspiration, then the energy may be said to that of Fire.

Even though we live in this visible material world, it is important to be aware of invisible energy that permeates all the existence. All phenomenon contains all the Elements, and Qabalah teaches how to balance them. Becoming aware of the Elements relates to becoming aware of one’s own spirituality, and it naturally leads to learning Tarot in depth.






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