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The primary glyph of Qabalah is the Tree of Life which maps out the development of anything and everything. The Tree itself is simple, consisting of ten energy centers called Sephiroth. These energy centers do not reflect physical entities. Thus the Tree of Life is merely a postulated conceptual structure. The intention is that the image visually guides a seeker to follow a sequential energy flow of the dynamics of the universe and the cosmic principle objectively.

The Tree of Life illustrates the Qabalistic idea that everything started from Nothing. This Nothing is so great as in a sense of “Nothing created God”. It gave birth to All. This fundamental concept is shown in the Qabalistic manner by the statement “Nothing turns into One – pure yet abstract energy. Then by passing through the 10 stages illustrated in the Tree of life, the One gradually manifests the form of concrete existence.

The sequence of the Tree of Life goes like this: In the beginning the universe started with explosive energy from Nothing. This energy started flowing down 10 Sephiroth which are energetic relay-points in the manner of a flash of thunder in the order of “Kether/Crown” then into “Chokmah/Wisdom”,  followed by “Binar/Understanding,”   “Chesed/Mercy” “Geburah/Strength” “Tiphareth/Beauty” “Netzach/Victory” “Hod/Splendor” “Yesod/Foundation” then finally into “Malkuth/Kingdom”, actualizing material manifestation. This flow is the reflection that any form of concrete existence pass through the 10 stages as a gradual process of manifestation.

The fundamental truth behind The Tree of Life is that “Everything is One, while there is Great-Nothing as non-manifestation behind All”. The glyph of the Tree of Life expresses various perspectives, principles and processes for pure energy to manifest a form. Whether it is about the creation of the universe, the conception of life, or development of human psyche, the Qabalistic philosophy conveys that the developmental process of everything in this world takes the same structured mechanism.


宇宙は完全なる無から突如爆発的なエネルギーとなり、そのエネルギーは雷の閃光として頂点のセフィロト 「ケテル/王冠」から流れ出し、そこに端を発したエネルギーは「コクマ/知恵」「ビナー/理解」「ケセド/慈悲」「ゲブラー/峻厳」「ティファレト/美」「ネツァク/勝利」「ホド/栄光」「イェソド/基礎」「マルクト/王国」という順番で10のセフィロトという「無と物質世界の中継点」を通り物質現象を顕現させた。つまり物事は10段階を経ることによって徐々に具体的な存在の形をとることができる。生命の木は、「すべて」は「無」により創り出されたというカバラ思想を示し、すべての背景に非顕現としての「偉大なる無」があることを説く。


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