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The Queens are attributed to Briah of the Qabalistic World, as well as the region of the third Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. The above image provides a simplified visual understanding of the Queens’ whereabouts in the Qabalistic term. However the significance of the Court Cards are beyond such a visual image, because the true significance of the Court Cards is that they represent Elements in Elements. In other words, the 16 Court Cards demonstrate the concept of Elemental blending.

There are four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Thus there are accordingly four Queens which are the Water aspects of each element;

  • Queen of Wands, which is Water in Fire.
  • Queen of Cups, which is Water in Water.
  • Queen of Sword, which if Water in Air.
  • Queen of Disks, which is Water in Earth.

The Queens are the complements of the Knights, receiving the seeds for fermentation and giving birth to the children of Fire and Water. The Queens are thus the mothers of their elements.




  • ワンドのクイーンは火の内の水を、
  • カップのクイーンは水の内の水を、
  • ソードのクイーンは気の内の水を、
  • ディスクのクイーンは地の内の水という具合だ。



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