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    • Tarot, the Six-s of the Minor Arcana / Tiphareth Tiphareth (Beauty)

      The stable Chesed and destructive Geburah together creates the next sephiroth Tiphareth. At this stage the stormy energy of “Five” departs and the element will settle. Tiphareth is the reflection of the first Sephiroth Kether, and this is the switching point where divine powers are transmitted into human existence, and where the human mind becomes aware of the spiritual mission in this life. In other words, Tipharet is where the balance between the divine consciousness and human consciousness is met.  Additionally Tipharet is surrounded by all other Sephiroth except the very last one, Malkuth. The Beauty of Tipharet is based on these balances. Thus the “6” of the Minor Arcana is about Harmony and Balance.

      タロット、小アルカナの6 / ティファレト(美)



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