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Astronomical entities have been regarded as gods and deities by our ancestors. The stories of these gods as myths have been adapted by modern astrology into the concept of archetypes. The planets as gods are associated with characteristics, psychological energies or impulses that all of us express in one form or another.

The images below are a set of symbols for planets/planetary deities that are used in Tarot. These symbols appear in the spheres of the corners of Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot card.








Saturn / 土星(クロノスあるいはサトゥルヌス): 

Materiality; Restriction; Limitation; Self-unknowing

重要性; 制限;自己を知らない




Jupiter / 木星(ジュピターあるいはゼウス):

Expansive growth energy; Good fortune





Mars/ 火星(マーズ):

Vital energy; Sexuality; Ambition

生命に必要なエネルギー; セクシュアリティ; 野心




Sun / 太陽(アポロン):

Self consciousness; The Will

自己意識; 意志




Venus / 金星(ヴィーナスあるいはアフロディテ):

Desire nature; Love; Relatedness; Pleasure; Material prosperity

望みの性質; 愛; 繋がりや関係; 喜び; 物質的繁栄




Mercury/ 水星(マーキュリーあるいはヘルメス):

Individual mind; Intellect; Reason

個人のマインド; 知性;理性





Emotional self; Imagination; Instinct

感情的な自己; 想像力; 本能





Newer planets (less than 300 years since their detection) such as Pluto and Neptune are not incorporated into Kashiopia’s Enlightenment Tarot, because their significance in traditional astrology has been non-existent. However if you are familiar with modern astrology, please feel free to associate whichever card you’d like.

Technically speaking the Sun and the Moon are not planets, but they have long been a part of traditional astrology and planetary mythology.

Additionally our planet Earth is not a part of the Tarot-symbol planetary system. This is because Earth is more of a part of the elemental system along with Fire, Water and Air. Also, there is association between Earth and Saturn for their common characteristics of materialization.




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