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Major Arcana:

The Major Arcana cards has a patter of spirit sigil/symbol arrangement as the following.


Right Top Corner : Symbols of the Elemental Spirits.


Right Bottom Corner : Symbols of the Astrological (Planetary or Zodiacal) Spirits.


Left Top and Bottom Corner : Sigils of the Spirits of the Major Arcana

—In one of Aleister Crowley’s documents, Liber 231, two sets – Mercurius and Qliphoth – of 22 spirits that are associated with Major Arcana are detailed. These spirits are the secret powers behind the Major Arcana. If one wishes to learn more about these spirits, one should refer to Liber 231 and Liber 777. One can certainly use the cards for evocation of the spirits etc, however it is just enough to know for now that there are entities behind the power of the Major Arcana. The top left Mercurious – House of Mercury – indicates the transmission of the Major Arcana’s power. Whereas the bottom left Qliphoth – Prison of Shells -has the power to confine the energy that interferes with such a transmission.











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