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Number Cards:

The Number cards from two to ten has a pattern of spirit sigil/symbol arrangement as the following.

Top Right Corner : Symbols of the Planetary Gods


Right Bottom Corner : Symbols of the Zodiacal Spirits


Left Top and Bottom Corner : Sigils of Goetic Demons

Goetia is a practice of ceremonial magick, involving the invocation of Goetic spirits often today referred to as demons, based on a grimoire known as The lesser Key of Solomon. A total of 72 demons are attributed to 36 cards. Two spirits of “Day” and “Night” per card are dipicted. The sigil of the Day-demon is found in the top left corner of a card, and the Night-demon in the left bottom corner.

If you are interested in learning of Goethia, please acquire specialty books. If you are already familiar with Goethia and practice it, please do employ an appropriate card with the sigil in your ceremony.



The human characters in the Number cards represent archangels that are attributed to particular elements.

  • Wand=Fire=Michael (Wings are that of birds),
  • Cup=Water=Gabriel (Wings are fish fin… particularly lion fish fin, because I had a lionfish in a fishtank),
  • Sword=Air=Raphael (Wings are that of bats),
  • Disk=Earth=Uriel (Wings are that of butterflies)













  • ワンド=火=大天使ミカエル (翼は鳥の羽)、
  • カップ=水=大天使ガブリエル (翼は魚、特定するとミノカサゴのヒレ。。。当時家の水槽で小さいの飼ってたから)、
  • ソード=気=大天使ラファエル (翼は蝙蝠の羽)、
  • ディスク=地=大天使ウリエル (翼は蝶の羽)、

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