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Let’s think of admirable things in life.. like, beauty in the nature, like, the colours of the sunrise and sunset, the movements of fish swimming or birds flying, starry night sky etc etc. When something touches and moves our hearts, there is love. But nobody thinks of keeping or owning the nature’s beauty. That’s how love should be; Detachment.

The purpose of love isn’t to “acquire”, “possess” or “belong”.

Ultimately we are supposed to find fulfillment within ourselves. But it is so difficult (nearly impossible) to do it alone… so we may encounter someone who may reflect the idea of “the other half”. When we love someone, the love is supposed to be just a reminder of how our souls crave for unification and communion, a reminder of how it is supposed to feel within. If we understand love, there will be freedom and respect within a relationship and it will feed the positive chain reaction of love. I think.



究極的に魂はじぶんの内で充足感を見つけ出さなければいけないのだけれど、一人でそんなこと達成するのはほとんど不可能というぐらいに難しいから「もう一人の自分」という考えを反映してくれるかもしれない誰かに出会う。そうして誰かを愛する時、そんな愛は本来、単に内なる魂の統一がどんなものであるかを思い出させてくれるだけの手段。 相手をどうこうしようというのとは違う。そうして愛を理解することができれば付き合う相手との間に自由と敬意が満ちて、ポジティブな愛の連鎖反応をもたらす。。と思う。

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