What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is made from metal pieces, resin and quartz crystals which has piezoelectric properties, meaning it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystals). It processes and transmutes harmful energies to a positive one by cleaning stagnant and negative energy, and brings a healthy, vibrant state around it’s vicinity.


• Mitigates harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Field radiation, such as cellphones and microwave, power lines etc.
• Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
• Better sleep and vivid dreams.
• Boost energy.
• Spiritual and psychological growth.
• Increased resistance to illness.

 Kashiopia’s Orgonite Jewelry Gallery:

Kashiopia specializes in handcrafting beautiful but scientifically valid orgonite jewelry. Most of the jewelry is combined with crystals/power stones. 

You can see the regular update of Kashiopia’s Orgonite in Facebook Page for Kashiopia Orgonite or Kashiopia Holistic Wellness Page .  Below is not a webshop which actually is under construction. At the moment Kashiopia Orgonite is only available at Kashiopia Holistic Wellness salon in Johannesburg. I’m so sorry!