The initial session for all new clients to Kashiopia Holistic Wellness will begin with a 5-10 minute assessment session, during which the client’s general wellness status and aims will be discussed so that the recommended and desired treatment goal(s) can be identified.


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Life-Coaching & Tarot 


Talk-therapy, allowing women to move forward by setting goals, and empowering them with control and choices in life that they seek. Exploration of inner wishes and psyche of an individual via open discussion and/or optional tarot reading. 

Short Consultation, 30min : R300

Regular Consultation, 60min : R600


More about Life-Coaching and Tarot 




Healing through the channeling of life force energy that enhances one’s natural healing ability, mitigating stressful negative thoughts and feelings. 

Short Session, 30min : R300

Regular Session, 60min : R600


More about Reiki-Healing




While Life-Coaching tackles an issue mainly from a mental approach, Reiki-Healing deals with issues physically and energetically. Combining two treatment types will speed up the process of healing and balancing. 

30 min Consultation + 30 min Reiki : R600

30 min Consultation + 60 min Reiki : R800

60 min Consultation + 30 min Reiki : R800

60 min Consultation + 60 min Reiki : R1000 


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