Interactive Tarot is an internet radio show hosted by Kazway Kashiopia on weekly basis every Friday at 11:00~12:00 (South Africa Standard Time = UCT+2) on 

The show is not only about Tarot although bits and pieces of Tarot facts will be discussed, and live-Tarot reading will be carried out. It is simply full of insights on way of life, philosophy, science and spirituality, most of the time involving talk sessions with guests who are in the field of health, wellness and spirituality.

If you can’t tune in real time, that’s fine. The audio becomes available as Youtube.

Below is a list of Youtube links:




  • Episode 3 – No weekly guest. Discussion was on how Tarot reading works from the perspective of Psychology, Spiritual Connection, and Quantum Physics. The balance between spirituality and money making was discussed.


  • Episode 4 – Guest: Anna-Marie Jansen – Tarot Reader. Anna-Marie channels messages from the Sacred Feminine by doing tarot readings using the Universal Goddess tarot deck. She also runs Soulflight, where she offers spiritual guidance and coaching along with many other esoteric services, courses and workshops.



More episode to come!