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Life-Coaching and Healing for Busy Ladies at Kashiopia Holistic Wellness 

          Kashiopia Holistic Wellness is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, providing Life-Coaching and Reiki Healing for busy and stressed ladies.   

            The therapist, Kazway Kashiopia, has academic accreditation internationally with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, (BSc University of Utah in the USA, 1998), followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, (MSc University of Liverpool in the UK, 2016). Furthermore she is trained in Aromatherapy (Norway 2001) and Energy Healing of Kannon Bodhisattva (Japan/Norway, 2005).

           She additionally achieved a lifelong goal in designing, creating and publishing her own tarot deck which sold across the globe in 2014 having also provided tarot readings for over 10 years. With this unique combination of qualifications & experiences Kazway Kashiopia is an exceptionally well-rounded multi-skilled wellness practitioner capable of providing holistic care.

           The state of a person’s wellness is without doubt a matter of that person’s physical, mental and spiritual needs. At Kashiopia Holistic Wellness, not only are these needs addressed with a fully holistic approach, but also the added importance of the particular social support requirements for women is recognized. For women, well-being is strongly associated with having quality social support. Women like to chat and share life stories. And this sociable communication is actually one of many healthy behaviors as much as healthy diet and/or exercising. Such a social time is not as important for men and does not necessarily contribute to their well-being to a large extent. This is why Kashiopia Holistic Wellness focuses on treating women only. Kashiopia Holistic Wellness aims to provide this much vital companionship during the process of de-stressing and unburdening in a safe relaxing environment while confidentiality of what is spoken will be absolutely guaranteed.

             Both Life-Coaching and Energy Healing treatment programs will be personalized and tailored to suit each individual’s needs and wishes, ensuring that you will come out feeling refreshed, revitalized and pampered.


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Kashiopia Strives to:

  • Ensure your comfort and satisfaction, customizing each treatment regime to match your needs and preferences.
  • Be mindful of the overall experience in a relaxed environment.
  • Be an instrument in helping you to develop a fresh perspective on your situation, supporting you to explore a range of options.
  • Endeavor to motivate and facilitate you to achieve your true potential and bring about positive change, moving forwards in order to reach a better and more fulfilling level of life
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion, regardless of your gender, ethnic, social or religious background.
  • Maintain professionalism by respecting confidentiality.  

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