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About Kazway Kashiopia

Kashiopia Holistic Living is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, providing Tarot Reading, Life-Coaching and Energy Healing to those who can come to the venue, while Tarot/Life-Coaching is available worldwide via Skype and Facetime. 

Kazway has been dealing with Tarot over 30 years, both as a creator and reader. After many years of researching, studying and of course drawing, her own Tarot deck was published and sold internationally in 2014. 


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In addition to the skill of Tarot-Reading the knowledge on Qabalah and mysticism of the East and West, she has academic accreditation internationally with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pre-Medicine, (BSc University of Utah in the USA, 1998), followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, (MSc University of Liverpool in the UK, 2016). Furthermore she holds certifications in Crystal Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Art therapy, Energy Healing and Guided Meditation.  Kazway’s sessions are a unique form of Life Coaching; it is a hybrid of science, philosophy, mediumship, academic psychology and healing.

Kazway is an International “Celebrity” Tarot-Reader, as her Tarot-Reading skill has been featured in the first season of a reality TV show, “Rumble & Hum” that is being aired over 140 countries. She is currently holding a weekly live-radio show “Interactive Tarot”. 



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Leading you to true fulfillment, gratitude, and pure joy while realizing your authentic-self.



Ultimate Empowerment and Success Package


If you feel your life should be more than what it is right now, but don’t know exactly what to do…, or hold fear, anxiety, uncertainty, doubt or negative memories that stops you from moving forward… Then you have come to the right place. 

Self-Transformation is a journey that takes time and dedication. It is unrealistic to expect one session of anything will change your life. Therefore Kashiopia offers all her skills, background and experience as a package in order for YOU to TRANSFORM and Embrace Authentic-Self.

Self-Mastery is the real factor that determines a person’s success in life. Through the process at Kashiopia Holistic Living you will learn to control your habits, thoughts, emotions, impulses and worldview in a way that serves you, instead of sabotages you.

Ultimate Empowerment and Success Package 


Embrace your Authentic-Self
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