Why should you choose Healing Space Kashiopia?



—It is because I can help you in establishing a joyful fulfilling life in your own language all at a reasonable price in a relatively short period of time—


Your ideal life can be achieved by taking 5 steps:
1 – Setting goals and intentions.
2 – Evaluating your current situations and issues.
3 – Healing from past negative influences.
4 – Establishing new thought and perception patterns.
5 – Acknowledging self-value and authentic-self.
Sounds easy enough right?

If you can do it all by yourself, I’m very happy for you! But if you don’t quite know how… then please take the advantage of the existence of life-coaches. 

At Healing Space Kashiopia, these 5 steps will be carried out using Kazway Kashiopia’s unique form of Life-Coaching; a hybrid of Science, Philosophy, and Spirituality.  

There are reasons for everything. There is a reason for you to be where you are right now, and having the troubles that you have right now. It is a chance and blessing for you to grow and develop by facing such challenges.

Here in Japan, it’s quite unusual to be able to find a therapist who is suitable for someone in your situation. You may find a qualified health professional however lacks the language skills and cultural understanding, or else you may find a layman who is linguistically equipped but has no life-coaching professional background.

Now you have found me:
I’m based in Sagamihara-Shi in Kanagawa Prefecture where I’m being able to provide the services at a relaxing environment at home, which also helps to bring the cost down from both sides, making my services very affordable.

About Kazway Kashiopia the Therapist


I have been involved in Tarot over 30 years both as a creator and reader.

After many years of studying the philosophy of Tarot such as Qabalah, Astrology, Alchemy, Mysticism of the East and West to name but a few, my own Tarot deck was published and sold internationally in 2014. Currently working on the Second Edition which is to be published sometime in 2019 or in 2020.



In addition to the skills of Tarot, I have international academic accreditation with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pre-Medicine, (BSc University of Utah in the USA, 1998), followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, (MSc University of Liverpool in the UK, 2016). Furthermore I hold certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Crystal Healing, Art therapy, Applied Kinesiology, and Tapping. Energy healing includes Reiki in addition to using orgonites, crystals and colour therapy.



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Leading you to true fulfillment, gratitude, and pure joy while realizing your authentic-self.