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About Kashiopia

Kashiopia Holistic Living is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, providing Life-Coaching and Energy Healing. 

I was 14 when I recognized the innate desire to create my own Tarot deck. In order to achieve this passion, I spent 25 years drawing and studying Tarot, Qabalah and mysticism of the East and West. In 2014 deck was published and sold across the globe. During this journey I naturally started using Tarot as a reading tool and I have been doing so about 15 years.

In addition to the skill of Tarot, I have academic accreditation internationally with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pre-Medicine, (BSc University of Utah in the USA, 1998), followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, (MSc University of Liverpool in the UK, 2016). Further more I hold certifications in Crystal Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Art therapy, Energy Healing and Guided Meditation.  Kashiopia’s Tarot reading is a unique form of Life Coaching – combined mediumship and academic psychology.

My Tarot-Reading skill has been featured in the first season of a reality TV show, “Rumble & Hum” that is being aired over 140 countries. Kashiopia is an International “Celebrity” Tarot-Reader!


The “Empowerment-Expert”,  The Solution to Your Ultimate Success



Life and Self-Transformation Life-Coaching Packages

Leading you to true fulfillment, gratitude, and pure joy while realizing your authentic-self via an unique hybrid of Science and Life Philosophy




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