Life Coaching

              According to the World Health Organization, 25 percent of the population … i.e., 1 in 4 around the world suffers from a form of serious mental illness at some stage in their lives. And these people need some level of medical attention. But it does not mean the other 75% have no issues in life. Even if you may not be one of the 25% with a mental illness, you may still experience burden and stress.

                 There is nothing unusual with experiencing high levels of stress in life. Stress is only a reaction to a change in circumstance, and a process of adjustment until you become accustomed to the situation. But it is how we manage such stress that matters and how we allow that stress to affect ourselves and those around us. If you continue being exposed to it and ignore it, it can lead to a serious mental and/or physical condition. So before it happens, let’s do something about it! Everyone benefits from un-burdening and de-stressing. 

              Whether you are suffering through issues with work, family, relationships, a trauma from the past, or anything else that has unbalanced you, Kashiopia Holistic Wellness is exactly the place where a busy lady can come over to off-load. While utilizing academic psychotherapeutic techniques, Tarot is also employed as a powerful psychoanalytical tool. Tarot does not predict the future or pretend to determine anyone’s fate. As every one of the 78 cards of Tarot is an archetype of human experience and psyche, it functions as a cue card for you to open up and talk more freely. The purpose of coaching is to create and nurture a new way of thinking and perceiving. This will allow you to live mindfully. Together we will analyze what you are feeling and thinking, figuring out a meaning of what is happening, revealing solutions and a direction in which you should go. Therefore before stress gets the better of you, or if it has already started to, then come over and we talk about you. The first step of healing is to talk openly about your issue in a safe environment.


What does Tarot do?

            The Tarot Reading at Kashiopia Holistic Living is not a gimmick nor a “novelty fortune telling” exercise. Whilst the idea of “fortune telling” for some is interesting and entertaining it is a waste of the potential in tarot. As surely no future can be considered already determined, and any future is certainly not fixed by cards that are laid out. Those people who are attracted to the idea of “fortune telling” in any form are usually seeking reassurance that comes from being told that whatever happens in life will work out okay. However, surely once being told what is likely to happen regardless of decision and/or actions this reduces a person’s control over their life and therefore allows them to abdicate the responsibility for all outcomes.


            Through the insight of tarot, Kashiopia instead is dedicated towards showing people that they can have control over their own life’s outcomes, and influence their own future by taking and making conscious decisions seizing this moment. When used to its full potential Tarot will provide fresh perspective on life or a specific situation. It can shed new light on old emotional problems, reveal negative aspects of relationships, and suggest parts of life or personality that are being neglected, helping people to make more balanced, insightful decisions as they progress with life.


            The Tarot is an excellent analysis tool for gaining a clear and impartial view of what is being done right at this moment in time, and where life could or should be heading. The aim of a tarot reading is to provide new awareness about the clients own self and life so they will gain a better grasp of what is happening to them or happened to them during the situation under discussion. This will empower them to be able make fast and effective progress in this particular aspect of their lives

Tarot reading is useful in order to find out:

  • New directions of exploration, or putting an end to unfinished business that hold you back currently, or when you feel stuck being directionless.
  • What themes and factors are important to consider in a new phase in your life such as birthday, or any significant event, or a new project.
  • Clarification of what issues that need to be addressed about relationships and attitude when you are struggling with a part of yourself, or your life.
  • Highlights of the most important issues to consider, possible consequences of particular directions, or factors that hadn’t been considered properly when facing a major decision.
  • More about yourself – personality, the way of life, decisions you make in life and how you interact with the world as a whole.

The Process of a Reading

A Tarot reading is a simple process. A deck consists of 78 cards, each of which has a set of specific meanings that represent general human experiences and psyche. First of all the session will start by discussing what you want to find out. Then the cards will be shuffled and laid out in order of a specific pattern – spread-. Each place in the spread  represents a different concept or idea. By looking at each card that turn up, various aspects of life and current feelings and thoughts will be analyzed. Unlike a traditional psychotherapeutic session, utilization of Tarot facilitate speeding up the process of talking about the general background of issues without taking a long time to build a rapport.

Tarot Consultant’s Code Of Ethics

  • All Readings are completely confidential and I will never share them with a third-party unless I believe the welfare or life of  you or another is at risk.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Tarot Reading does not predict the exact future but rather is based on the Probable Outcome of Events. This Probable Outcome is influenced by the current behaviour and attitude of not just you, but also those involved in the specific issue.
  • A Tarot Reading is not absolute and is subject to Interpretation. As a Tarot Reader, I will offer my opinion and advice, but will not interfere with the Free Will of The Individual. Any decisions made by you as a result of a Tarot Reading are your sole responsibility.
  • I do not give Financial, Legal, Medical or any other advice that I’m not professionally qualified to do so.
  • My Readings are Constructive and not Destructive. I give Readings to inform and empower the individual.
  • I will be honest in what I see and will not give false hopes or empty promises in order to keep you happy.
  • A Reading works two-ways. Therefore I will ask questions during a Reading. This helps me to get more information from the Cards. This results in greater depth and insight from the Reading.
  • I will be compassionate and sensitive to your feelings and will not judge or condemn.
  • I do not predict the Lotto Numbers. Neither do I Invoke/Remove Spells or Curses.
  • I reserve the right to Refuse or Discontinue a Reading should I feel it necessary to do so.

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